• ShimmeringWater

    When do you guys think Kenny first realized he was gay? We dont actually see his first realization of this in the actual series, but I want to hear your guy's opinions on the subject. Personally I think it was in the 12-14 age range, as in the first episode, he is quite sure of his orientation, and although he states that he "cant be gay," its because of his parents and his religion. He is obviously comfortable flirting with his hallucination of the hot shirtless model. Tell me what you think!

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  • JanzPotter

    Emptiness in Articles

    January 8, 2017 by JanzPotter

    I you may have noticed, I have recently gone into many articles especially episode and character articles and added headings without any information. I have added these headings to keep them consistant and plan to put information into these headings to fill the emptiness, I just havent had the time to get to every single article to add these. There is a lot of work that this wiki needs and I am doing my best to cover it all. I recently updated the infobox emplates so that they are green in every article. I hope you enjoy these new additions and enhancement to articles. I also hope to add gallerys to episodes in the future and more pictures to articles in general. There is a lot to be done and I am happy to be here. 

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  • JanzPotter

    O'Neal Last Name

    January 5, 2017 by JanzPotter

    Hello, my name is Janz and I am fairly new to the wiki. I have been doing a lot of work on the wiki in the last few days. One thing I noticed is that a lot of characters that are related to the O'Neals, have had their character page titled with "O'Neal" as their last name. But this is not always the case. Only characters that are directly related to Pat, will have the last name O'Neal. Grandma Agnes is Eileen's mother, making her not an O'Neal. The same goes for Uncle Gary. Also there is a lot of confusion about Jodi. Jodi is not Eileen's sister! Jodi is Pat's brother, Dwayne's ex-husband. She still has the last name O'Neal because she decided to keep it after they got married. If you have any further questions about the O'Neal family tree…

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