Vice Principal Clive Murray also known as VP Murray is the vice principal of Saint Charles Barklay High School and current love interest of Eileen O'Neal. He first appeared in the episode The Real F Word.


Principal Murray made his first appearance in the episode The Real F Word, where for the whole episode, he felt obligated to give Kenny any punishments because he didn't want to make he was the only gay kid and he didn't want to make St. Charles Barklay look homophobic. This actually came as a burden to Kenny because he was too scared to run for school treasurer and his speech was coming up soon. In one scene, Kenny left class just to go to the office and begged Principal Murray to suspend him for the day, but he refused. Kenny was so mad, that he cursed him out, making all these profane remarks to him and everything. Principal Murray responded, saying "I love your energy. Get back to class."

In the episode The Real Prom, he admitted that he was madly in love with Eileen and they actually became boyfriend and girlfriend.

In the episode The Real Thang, a lot of information was learned about Principal Murray. His real name is Clive and he still lives with his mother. More importantly, Clive had not forgotten about the moment that he had with Eileen and he kept on stalking her. Eileen, however, was against this and tried to avoid him. Clive soon found a good friendship with Pat O'Neal and they started hanging out with each other, getting Clive to get over Eileen, just as she got back into him. After a dramatic car chase together, Clive and Eileen decided that they might want to start an actual relationship at some point, but would at first want to take things slow.

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