Dwayne is the brother of Pat O'Neal and the ex-husband of Jodi O'Neal. He first appeared in the episode The Real Fit.


Dwayne grew up as one in a family of six brothers. All of the brothers grew up to become firemen, except for Pat O'Neal, who became a cop. Dwayne, and the other brothers constantly shame him and make fun of him for it. Dwayne met Jodi O'Neal at a Cranberries concert. They fell in love and had sex behind a t-shirt stand. They eventually got married, which would soon end in a divorce. Coincidentally, his brother, Pat, got married to Jodi's sister, Eileen, and four years after their marriage, they got divorced too. After Jodi and Dwayne got divorced, she regretted it and secretly wanted him back.

In the episode The Real Secrets, it was revealed that Jodi was pregnant with his child, beknownst to both of them. Durng the events of The Real Fit, where Shannon locked them in her room, they apparently had sex and Jodi got pregnant.