Gloria is a cop that works with Pat O'Neal at the police station as well as one of his love interests.


In the episode The Real Wedding, Pat first asked her out after being cowardly and shying away from it for the longest time.

In the episode The Real Tradition, Pat invited Gloria over for Thanksgiving. She agreed to come over because what she usually does on Thanksgiving is go to an "orphan" Thanksgiving, which was where she sat around with other people with no family members. This was very stressful to Kenny because she gave him a bunch of food to cook, without the aid of Eileen.

In the episode The Real Sin, Pat attempted to ask her out on their first proper date, only to find out that he waited too long and she was already sleeping with another guy.

Episode Appearances


  • In the episode The Real Tradition, it was revealed that both of her parents were dead.
  • She first started looking at crime scene photos when she was 14 years old.