I Finally Have a Boyfriend
I Have a Boyfriend is a song sung by Kenny O'Neal in the episode The Real Acceptance.


Kenny: I finally have a boyfriend.
It's gunna last forever.
Background Guy: Aw, so cute.
Kenny: He puts the "twink" in "twinkle in my eyes".
Background Guy: Okay, I give it a month.
Kenny: I know that this may sound gay.
I'm a dancing chiche.
I've been shot by Cupid it my butt.
Woman: Hey! Give me back my baby!
Kenny: His face is on my cellphone
as my emergency contact.
Just when I thought that I would die alone.
Birds are singing.
The sky is bluer.
Air smells crisper.
I got a man now.
He's charming and he's funny
and he's handsome.
He makes me better.
I feel taller.
(Speaking) Oh, hi.
(Singing) Am I taller?
Cuz finally my fantasies
have become reality
and I finally have a boyfriend.
But how do I tell my parents?
What if they don't accept him?
They're still getting used to the fact, that I am gay.
Bird: Maybe you shouldn't tell them.


  • First song to be written, exclusively for the series.