Lassandra "Lacey" is a former student at St. Charles Barkley and currently goes to college. She sits next to Kenny in one of his classes. She is good friend to him, but they never had any further romantic relations. She became Jimmy's girlfriend in the episode The Real Wedding. In the episode The Real Dates, it is implied that she broke up with him.


She first appeared in the episode The Real F Word, where she was seen, talking to Kenny about becoming school treasurer. Her name was not mentioned in this episode.

She had her first major appearance in the episode The Real Wedding, where she first became Jimmy's girlfriend. She was also helping Ms. Hanson and Eileen with the school's production of Zombie Romeo and Juliet.

In the episode The Real Prom, she was waiting for a long time to be asked to prom, but Jimmy had hesitated for such a long time.

In the episode The Real Dates, due to Lacey being a grade above Jimmy, she went off to college, while he was still in high school, giving them a long distance relationship. Jimmy was texting her over the phone and had regretted not having sex with her before she left. He was very afraid that she was going to screw around with other guys, while she was in college, so he decided to make a move, by showing up in her college room, lying in her bed, naked. However, Lacey's roommate showed up in her room before she did, and they both became shocked by it. He was chased out of the college by anti-rape girls, and later received a text from Lacey, who heard about the situation. They were emojis of fire, a skull and crossbones, and an angry face, implying that she had officially broken up with him.

In the episode The Real Match, Jimmy had a crush on another student named Chloe Parente, confirming his break up with Lacey.

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