Madison Chartoff is a student at St. Charles Barklay. She appears, with her only appearance, in the episode The Real F Word.


Madison Chartoff was a student, running for school treasurer at Saint Charles Barklay High School. Her opponent was Kenny O'Neal. Vice Principal Murray, said that he was tired of Madison Chartoff's dynasty to end, meaning that she had won this title many times before, so he was actually hoping that Kenny would win. Madison made a very dumb speech, saying that she hopes people will vote her for treasurer because she would really "treasure" it, and Kenny made an actual speech. At the end of the episode, it was never actually revealed who won though, and the events of this election would never be mentioned again.


Madison Chartoff is an overachieving, highly successful dumb blonde. Basically, she's the high school version of a stereotypical political candidate. She's a high and mighty girl who believes that she can change the world, when really she's nothing different than the average student. She is that, mixed with the personality of a popular dumb blonde at the school, who is stupid and uneducated, but still gets all the respect and popularity a high school can give.