Richard "Ricky" is a character who appeared in the episode The Real Lent. He is a liberal activist who was Kenny's first love interest and the first male for Kenny to go on a date with in the series.


Kenny first met Ricky, outside of a store. He was standing outside, asking people to sign a petition to get people to end child labor. When Kenny first tried talked to him, he was so nervous, that he became tongue-tied and kept on saying a bunch of random and embarrassing things. Later, he tried talking to him again, but wanted to casually run into him, so he kept going back and forth into the store, only to see him currently being occupied with someone else, finally, he awkwardly crashed into him. Ricky didn't seem to care about it though and was perfectly happy to see Kenny. Kenny asked him the three words "You gay, bro?" to which Ricky responded "Yes." Things went surprisingly, very well from that point on and the two decided to go on a date. They had their first date at a vegan restaurant, Ricky explained that his parents were perfectly fine with him being gay, as they were as big of "hippy-dippys" as he was. He explained that he and his family live in a tree. On their date, Ricky introduced Kenny to the wonders of veganism. Kenny did not enjoy it as he couldn't even finish eating an entire artichoke. On their second date, Ricky told Kenny that he no longer wanted to see him, saying that the two of them just weren't meant for each other. Ricky and Kenny had very different lifestyles hat were not meant to be together. Kenny was heartbroken, However, he was also satisfied with what he had taken away from that experience. He had experienced his first real relationship with a guy and he was content with it.


Ricky is a liberal activist who dedicates a lot of his time trying to support left-wing politics and do what he can do to make the world a better place. He stands outside of a grocery store, asking for people to sign petitions, he has a strict vegan lifestyle, and even goes as far as living in a tree just to be a bit more "friendly" to the planet earth.


  • Ricky is the first guy that Kenny goes on a date with in the series, however their relationship only lasted for the one episode.