Stuart, also known as "Clearly-Gay-Stuart" and simply "Gay Stuart" is a gay student who formerly attended St. Charles Barklay. During the first season, it is implied that Stuart isn't really gay, and he has a girlfriend. He just acts in a very feminine manner and pulls off being straight, making Kenny the only gay kid in the school. However, by the end of the first season, Stuart officially comes out as a homosexual. In Season 2, Stuart had transferred to The Oscar Wilde School for the Performing Arts. He first appeared in the episode The Real Spring Fever.


In the episode The Real Spring Fever, Stuart walked out of the school, acting like a stereotypical homosexual, complete with a scarf and neatly combed hair and made comments like "Hey girl" and "Bitch, you are delish." However, he was dating a female at the time, but still treated her the way he'd treat a boyfriend.

In the episode The Real Wedding, Stuart was auditioning to be in the school play, but he was overruled by Kenny. Stuart got offended and said that he was being discriminated against for being heterosexual, apparently identifying himself as that.

In the episode The Real Prom, Stuart finally came out of the closet and dumped his old girlfriend to ask out the new kid at school, who was also a homosexual, to the prom. Kenny eventually stole that kid from him, which earned him a punch in the face.

In the episode The Real Thang, Jimmy mentioned that Stuart had transferred to another school.In the episode The Real Halloween, Stuart was seen at his new school, The Oscar Wilde School for the Performing Arts. Kenny wanted to invite a ton of LGBT people to his party, but Allison was the only person at his school that year who fell into that category. Kenny made a deal with Stuart, who had connections, saying that if he brought people to his party, then he would be referred to as the host.

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