The Real Lent is the third episode of the first season of The Real O'Neal's. It is the third episode overall. The Real Lent is also a St. Patrick's day holiday special.


In this super special Real O'Neals St. Patrick's day special, Eileen forces the family to give up on things that they're obsessed with. Pat has to give up calling her even time there's trouble, Jimy has to give up "taking long showers" (masturbating)' Shannon has to give up her phone, and Kenny has to give up keeping secrets. In return, Eileen is also supposed to give up being judgemental. They're all giving up their things, but Kenny breaks his give up right away, as he meets a cute guy who he falls in love with and dates and keeps it a secret from his mom. Now all we need to know if he can keep it a secret, that he's keeping a secret.





  • This episode was aired out of chronological production order, causing a plot hole in the series. If this episode aired in between the events of The Real Papaya and The Real F Word, then The Real F Word should not be the first day of school after Kenny came out. Kenny came out on Sunday, (Pilot) and the day after that was Saturday, (The Real Papaya), so the day after that should have been Monday (The Real F Word), since St. Patrick's Day is not a school-exempt holiday. So, this episode was supposed to air later in the series, but because it was so close to St. Patty's day, the time the next episode of O'Neals was supposed to air, they had to air this episode early. So, none of this chronology is canon.
    • In season 2, the same thing would happen with "The Real Heartbreak", but since the episode would have been a major spoiler, if aired before a few others, the network bothered with airing this far after Valentine's Day passed for the sake of the plot.
  • Kenny's hallucination of Jesus says that he's friends with Buddha and Vishnu. These are two prophets from other religions, Buddhism and Hinduism, respectively.
  • Eileen mentions the grandmother of the family in dialogue. She talked about a grandmother who used to read a book with very ghraphic depictions of Jesus Christ being crucified to Jimmy, which gave him nightmares when he was a kid. Although this came before her debut episode, it's likely that she was talking about Agnes O'Neal, given the similarities in personality.